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The Journal of Architectural Glass Concepts (AGC) was created in 2007 by Benjamin Roggasch, founder and publisher. Heidi Scheffler, independent scholar and glass artist, took on the role of Editor-in-Chief in 2016. The conceptual framework of the journal was shaped with the goal of bridging trade knowledge, sciences, and the arts as they relate to the use of glass in architecture in order to envision new uses for technologies, including their integration with fine arts in architecture. The publication examines a wide variety of historical and contemporary accomplishments in the development of glass technology, including environmental design, the social aspects of glass architecture, and the growing role of fine arts in the shaping of this field. The founder's background as a craftsman combined with his interest in historical and modern glass design and technologies determined the unique profile of the journal. Since 2007, he has brought to the advisory board and editorial staff an international team of scientists, artists, and academics in the field of architectural glass. In addition, the journal boasts a dedicated pool of writers and researchers from Europe and the Americas with interest and expertise in the related fields. In keeping with its global focus, bilingual articles are included whenever possible. Articles consistently feature on-site research and photography with a goal of enhancing the scholarly content with a rich visual dimension.

Architectural Glass Concepts (AGC) Magazine
ISSN 1947-8070
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